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The pound for pound best for appetite control.

NuTherapy Garcinia Combogia

With 50% Hydroxycitric acid, NuTherapy Garcinia Combogia boosts serotonin to control appetite.*NuTherapy Garcinia Combogia contains 50% of highly bioavailable Hydroxycitric acid (HCA). HCA enters the blood stream and works to boost serotonin, which in turn helps to suppress your appetite.

HCA helps you to burn extra pounds by enhancing your body’s ability to turn fat stores into energy. It also inhibits the enzymes that convert most sugars and carbohydrates into fat cells. When it comes to controlling appetite and burning stored fat, NuTherapy Garcinia Combogia has you covered.

Losing weight is never easy. Especially when there are all the added pressures of life distracting you from your health and fitness goals.

While there is nothing out there that will do the work for you, NuTherapy Gacinia Cambogia can help. It goes to work in your body quickly, absorbing into your blood stream to boost your serotonin and enable you to get better control of your appetite and cravings.* It also helps your body to burn fat first and fast.*

Let’s face it, it won't happen while sitting on the couch and it is not a magic pill, but NuTherapy Garcinia Cambogia is a little extra help that can give you the boost you need to achieve your goals. Think of NuTherapy Garcinia Cambogia as your new weight loss partner.

Meet Your New Weight Loss Partner

Sourced from naturally grown Garcinia of southwest India, Myanmar and Indonesia, Garcinia Cambogia is an essential ingredient long used in Ayurvedic healing. Related to Mangosteen, Garcinia Cambogia is a superfruit also known as the tamarind, brindleberry or camboge. The active compound in Garcinia Cambogia, HCA, is sourced from the rind of the fruit. It works naturally with the body to help you control your appetite and reduce body fat. *

Garcinia Cambogia is not a stimulant and won’t affect your sleep or leave you feeling jittery. When you combine NuTherapy Garcinia Cambogia with a commitment to exercise and a healthy diet, you have one of the most powerfully simple weight loss systems on the planet. For optimal appetite controlling effect and maximum bioavailability, NuTherapy Garcinia Combogia is best taken on an empty stomach.



Serving Size 1 Tablet 500 mg

Directions for use

As a dietary supplement, adults take one tablet three times daily 30 minutes before meals.


  • Supports Appetite Control
  • Promotes Body Fat Reduction
  • Promotes weight loss
  • Fast Acting