Power Beets

Power Beets™ On the Go Stick Packs

Harnesses the power of raw beets

Nu-Therapy® Power Beets™ is a great tasting, nitrate-rich Superfood that helps to boost your body’s production of nitric oxide, an essential molecule that helps regulate healthy blood circulation.*

• Promotes Improved Natural Energy*
• Promotes Improved Stamina*
• Supports Healthy Blood Pressure Levels*

Olympian’s Best Kept Secret

For years, Olympic athletes used the best kept secret – beet juice– to get the performance edge! Beets are natural, safe and proven to help increase the nitric oxide production in the body that helps boost circulation. Scientists and leading researchers around the world covet beets for their powerful health impact, such as supporting improved circulation.* Now you too can get the power of beets to work for you in delicious, easy-to-use stick-packs!

Super-Concentrated Super Delicious Superfood

You don’t have to use expensive beet shots, eat pounds of beets, or even try to stomach those horrible tasting beet powders anymore. With the mouth-watering delicious taste of acai-pomegranate Power Beets™ in a super-concentrated formula you’ll be ahead of the superfood game – fast! Boost your circulation, support your healthy blood pressure levels and ignite your natural energy today with Power Beets™!*


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.