What products does NuTherapy® include?

NuTherapy® products include Power Beets™, Organic Greens, Garcinia and Turmeric capsules.

Where can I buy NuTherapy® products?

NuTherapy® products are available at select stores, Walmart, Sam’s Club, Vitamin Shoppe, Amazon, Meijer, Kroger, Vitamin World, BJ’s, HEB, Lucky Vitamin, GNC Canada, and Shoppers Drug Mart.

Which NuTherapy® products support weight loss?

There are several products that support weight loss including NuTherapy® Garcinia Cambogia.

How can I return my products?

If you are unsatisfied with a product, you may contact our customer service department to request a refund under the Contact Us section.

Who can I contact for further questions?

If you have any questions about the NuTherapy® line of products, you can fill out a request form under Contact Us. Please note that it could take up to 48 hours to receive a reply to your requests.

Can you take multiple NuTherapy® products?

Yes! But as always, please consult with your health care provider about taking our products if you are taking any other medications.

Are NuTherapy® products soy free?

Select NuTherapy® products are soy free including Power Beets™ and Organic Greens.

Are NuTherapy® products gluten free?

Select NuTherapy® products are gluten free including Power Beets™ and Organic Greens.

Are NuTherapy® products vegetarian?

Select NuTherapy® products are vegetarian including Power Beets™ and Organic Greens.

Are NuTherapy® products organic?

Our Organic Greens product is organic.

Are NuTherapy® products non-GMO?

Select NuTherapy® products are non-GMO including Power Beets™ and Organic Greens.

How should I store my NuTherapy® products?

Store in a cool, dry place.

What kind of sweeteners are used in NuTherapy®?

We use natural sweeteners including stevia.

Do you have coupons or deals that I can receive?

We often offer coupons through our website, email, and social media channels. Our retail partners may also offer additional promotions and discounts at their retail locations. Please subscribe to our email list to be notified of any future promotions.

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